6 Inch Steel Bollards

6 inch steel bollards are also now being used indoors, in warehouses, for asset protection.

Product Details

6 inch steel bollards have become a ubiquitous part of the modern landscape. Planners and architects use them to manage both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, enhance landscape and architecture, light pedestrian pathways, secure and protect buildings and people, and provide bike parking. 6 inch steel bollards are also now being used indoors, in warehouses, for asset protection.



Application as below

●  Protecting people

Playgrounds near parking lots, parks beside sharp bends in the road, outdoor patios by busy roadways: these are just some of the places that security bollards might help prevent an accident from becoming a tragedy. .

●  Protecting vulnerable building components

It is often installed in front of vulnerable building components to minimize damage in the event of an accident.

●  Ram-raid applications

Ram-raiding is a version of “smash-and-grab” burglary in which a heavy vehicle is driven through the windows or doors of a closed shop so that the perpetrators can loot many high value items in a short period of time. 6inch steel bollards are an affordable way for these locations to prevent the possibility of ram-raiding.

●  Terrorism prevention

At the highest level of terrorism prevention, bollards are created to withstand several waves of vehicular attack.

● Asset protection

Asset protection bollards are devices that are used in indoor applications to protect retail property and personnel. Common uses for asset protection bollards include securing the corners of refrigeration units, warehouse racks, ATMs, and retail shelving. They are effective at warning personnel and customers of potential danger.


Material of the 6 inch steel bollards: Steel

Steel is an iron alloy that is lighter and more impact resistant than cast or ductile iron. Structural grade steel is often used in security bollards, filled with concrete, but standard steel is also commonly used to create decorative bollards for standalone applications, or bollard covers in security bollard installations. Usually, steel bollards are machined from prefabricated materials, rather than cast. If steel is going to be exposed, it is usually powder coated to make it durable and protect against corrosion



Bollard Covers

It will add years of maintenance-free life to bollard installation. Bollards covers we use is High Density Polyethylene plastic a.Chosen from a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Reflective tape is also available: choose the same color as your bollard cover or, for highest visibility, choose a contrasting reflective tape color.Choose from three different cap styles to give your installation the architectural look that will fit into any landscape environment.


Color:RAL 1023 Traffic Yellow


Overall Height:42"

Product Weight:161 pounds