Road Work Sign PVC Boards

PVC is also known as Polyvinyl chloride, is the world's third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer, after polyethylene and polypropylene.

Product Details

PVC definition:

PVC is also known as Polyvinyl chloride, is the world's third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer, after polyethylene and polypropylene.

●  PVC comes in two basic forms: rigid (sometimes abbreviated as RPVC) and flexible.

●  The rigid form of PVC is used inconstruction for pipe and in profile applications.It can be made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers, the most widely used being phthalates. In this form, it is also used in plumbing, electrical cable insulation, imitation leather, signage, phonograph records,inflatable products, and many applications where it replaces rubber.

●  PVC is a polymer with good insulation properties.Since the dielectric constant, dielectric loss tangent value, and volume resistible are high, the corona resistance is not very good, and it is generally suitable for medium or low voltage and low frequency insulation materials. 


PVC has high hardness and mechanical properties.

●  The mechanical properties enhance with the molecular weight increasing but decrease with the temperature increasing.

●  The mechanical properties of rigid PVC (uPVC) are very good; the elastic modulus can reach 1500-3,000 MPa. The soft PVC (flexible PVC) elastic is 1.5–15 MPa.

Road work sign pvc boards details:

PVC Boards are formed in flat sheets in a variety of thicknesses and colors. As flat sheets, it is often expanded to create voids in the interior of the material, providing additional thickness without additional weight and minimal extra cost (see Closed-cell PVC foamboard). Sheets are cut using saws and rotary cutting equipment. Plasticized PVC is also used to produce thin, colored, or clear, adhesive-backed films referred to simply as vinyl. These films are typically cut on a computer-controlled plotter (see Vinyl cutter) or printed in a wide-format printer. These sheets and films are used to produce a wide variety of commercial signage products, including car body stripes and stickers.


Road work sign PVC boards sizes:

●  450mmW x 300mmH

●  600mmW x 450mmH

●  600mmW x 600mmH

●  400mmW x 900mmH

●  900mmW x 600mmH

●  Or as customized.