Use And Function Of Aluminum Signage

- Jan 08, 2018-

Aluminum signs have been widely used in recent years to electronic, electrical appliances, machinery and equipment, air-conditioning, television sets, LCD monitors, navigator, automobiles, auto accessories, electric bicycle, door industry, anti-theft door, furniture, kitchenware, office supplies, bathroom, audio, bags, accessories, all kinds of wine boxes, tea packaging, Moon cakes Packaging, Gift boxes and other products logo logo.


1. The aluminum plate has the function of marking, guiding and warning, especially the hint function of night reflective and luminous. For example: Road marking guide, floor marking instructions, street name instructions, engineering construction and related hazard identification warning, etc., mainly through the text transmission, pattern transmission and marking communication, is a symbolic, direction, warning, indicative and other functions.

2. The brand image conveys: The logo symbolizes each enterprise and the commodity unique value, the aluminum sign may through each kind of information transmission, establishes the product image.