Traffic Sign Size Regulation

- Jan 08, 2018-

Warning, injunction, indication of the size of the plate and the letter height of the road sign should be determined by the design speed of the highway, refers to the road signs of the size of the plate, but also should consider the number of characters, graphic symbols, other text and layout beautification, and other factors, other characters and the height of the relationship between the location should be placed on the left, place names from near and far, from top to bottom arrangement. The lengths of each plate should be the same if several independent markers are composed of one group. In the place, the direction sign, the straight line mark should be set at the top, its bottom is the place which can arrive to the left, the right.

When the difference between speed and design speed is greater than 20}n/h, it is advisable to check the layout and visual recognition of traffic signs according to the running speed.