The Structure Of The Traffic Sign

- Mar 17, 2018-

The traffic sign display graphical symbols for traffic regulations and road information, it can make the traffic regulations are specific, concise image, expression, also expressed to describe the contents for traffic management, traffic direction instructions to ensure smooth flow of road traffic safety and facilities. It is applicable to roads, urban roads and all special highways. It has the nature of decrees, and the vehicles and pedestrians must abide by it.

Road traffic signs are usually composed of sign floor, sign surface, column, fastener, foundation and so on.

Label material processing briefly:

1, the material adopts high quality aluminum alloy plate, engineering grade or high-strength reflective film, which has good anti light effect at night.

2, according to the national standard size, the aluminum plate and the reflective film are tailored (square and round).

3, wash with white Jiebu polished aluminum, aluminum plate surface, make water after washing to dry.

4, use the hydraulic machine to paste the reflective film on the clean aluminum plate.

5, the computer typesetting patterns and characters, and the computer engraving machine directly on the reflective film and text.

6, the carved patterns and silk printed patterns are formed on the aluminum plate of the bottom film with glue.

The sign is installed in the proper place of import and export, and inside and outside the road, guiding the vehicle to run correctly, and the traffic signs are set up forbidden signs, indicating signs and other signs.