Rapid Etching Method And Operation Procedure Of Copper Plate

- Jan 08, 2018-

Copper Chemical etching Liquid: the use of more pure ferric chloride with 30 wave-degree solution, flow corrosion. To speed up etching, it is recommended to heat the copper plate to about 50 degrees. Here is a quick etching method (this is to pay attention to installing an exhaust fan on the worktable to absorb the toxic gas generated by the reaction to ensure personal safety):

Bronze etching

1, tools and raw materials: prepare tin scissors A, ruler A, crossed steel needle A, furnace ferrochrome, solder, solder liquid, self-adhesive a roll of a brush knife a pen, black oil gloves a pair, polishing paste piece, polishing machine one.

2, formula: Copper etching liquid: 7 high concentration of nitric acid + 3 high concentration of hydrochloric acid solder liquid: 9 hydrochloric acid + right amount of zinc block

3, the operation process:

The cutting of the copper plate is based on the design size of the bronze medal required in the whole sheet 0. 5mm~1. 0MM copper plate with steel pins and rulers to draw the size of the bronze medal square, rectangular or circular, fan-shaped, and so on, and then cut to the line, to determine the bronze frame thickness and circumference, evenly cut copper strips, copper strip is also called Edge Band.

4, welding edge with us to cut the copper around the entire roll of the edge of the band to make its copper plate showing the thickness, if the copper area is larger, we can also use to increase the welding back side of the theodolite to strengthen the structure of the rationality and firmness, in preparation for welding the first copper to do the melting into the furnace heating, soldering iron shape is a sharp-shaped, One is a duck mouth shape, the sharp side is in the narrow edge of the bottom of the bottom of the use of duck mouth-shaped side is welded loose side band, it is mainly welded, side with a certain level of copper plate welding, edge welding side by side to align the right angle, please do not bend the edge belt, it should be cut down, at 90° and then welded another side band, at this time than the entire edge of the belt to bend into 90° To be much more beautiful, no arc angle, solder liquid with pen in the weld on both sides, played to clean copper plate oil and welding effect, increase welding quality, welding the edge with a thin flower file to clean up the edges, to the satisfaction.