Application And Selection Of Reflective Materials For Traffic Signs

- Jan 08, 2018-

1 The traffic signs at all levels of road should be made with reflective materials in principle.

2 The traffic signs of expressway, first-grade highway and City trunk road should adopt a ~ three grade reflective film; the traffic sign of Tertiary highway and General City Road should use reflective film above four grade. 四、五级 Reflective film can be used for four-level highways and other roads with small traffic volume.

3 The highway, the first highway, the City Express Road curve section sign, and the urban area multiplex intersection, should use above three grade reflective material.

4 The gantry sign and cantilever sign of expressway and City Express Road, in order to obtain the reflective effect with the road side sign, it is advisable to use reflective material with high reflective film grade than the road side sign, or to switch the character on the door frame sign and the cantilever sign to the reflector to improve its night vision recognition. Illumination signs may also be used in important road sections where conditions are available.