Why are traffic signs red

- Apr 21, 2018-

Traffic signs are a common symbol in our lives and are a powerful guarantee for the smooth flow of traffic. Walking on the street, we can see a lot of different traffic signs. Different colors of traffic signs have different meanings, and many people are not very clear.

Common traffic signs nowadays are mainly red, blue, green, black, white, orange or fluorescent orange and fluorescent yellow green.

◆Red indicates prohibition, stop, and danger. The borders, background, and slashes used for the prohibition mark, as well as fork symbols and slash symbols, and the background color of warning linear guidance marks are the most common traffic signs.

◆Blue is used to indicate instructions, to follow, and to indicate the background color of the logo: traffic information that represents a place name, route, direction, etc., used for the background color of general road guide signs;

◆Green often represents traffic information such as place names, routes, directions, etc., and is used as the background color of expressway and urban expressway guide signs;

◆Black is used to identify the background of the text, graphic symbols, and part of the logo;

◆White traffic signs are used to mark the background, text and graphic symbols as well as the borders of some signs;

◆Orange or fluorescent orange is the warning and guide sign for road operation area;

◆Fluorescent yellow-green traffic signs indicate warnings and are used to pay attention to pedestrians and pay attention to children's warning signs.