why are traffic signs important

- Sep 01, 2018-

Road traffic signs are signs that convey signals, directions, directions, warnings, bans, etc. to vehicles and pedestrians using text and graphic symbols.

◆Adjust traffic flow and divert traffic. According to the traffic conditions of the road, one-way traffic, regular traffic, restricted traffic of certain vehicles, etc., can be adjusted, groomed and controlled for the flow and flow direction of various vehicles. Can improve road traffic efficiency.

◆Predict the road condition. Predicting the geographical condition of a certain section of the road, warning people to pay attention to danger, and preparing for thoughts in advance to prevent traffic accidents.

◆Guide people for directions. Clearly indicate the destination of the road, the direction of each intersecting road, the location and distance of the scenic spots along the way.

◆Standardize traffic behavior. Traffic signs are also used as a basis for law-abiding and traffic police enforcement.

◆Instruct the direction of the road, the name of the road, and give guidance;

◆Instructing the front is a winding road, a detour, a mountain road, warning;

◆Indicate that the road is forbidden, and that road is forbidden to turn left;

◆Indicate where you can park, where to cross the road, etc. With these signs, driving and walking at a glance is really convenient. It also guarantees the safety of your driving and walking.