why are traffic signs important

- Apr 21, 2018-

As the number of vehicles on traffic roads has gradually increased, the role of traffic signs is gradually reflected because the basic vehicles are observing the traffic sign while driving. The slogan settings on the sign are generally relatively simple, but the number of vehicles gradually increases. With the increase, many uncontrollable factors have also emerged. Many violations of the traffic rules cannot be completely avoided. The reason is that more and more new drivers are now driving and they are likely to panic when driving. It is very likely that traffic will not be estimated. Signage, so it will bring a lot of inconvenience to people's driving.

◆The guide sign is used to indicate the realm, the direction and distance of the destination, the entrance and exit of the highway, and the location of the famous location. The color is blue (green) + white. This type of sign is most useful when drivers come to unfamiliar roads. They can help drivers locate and identify directions.

◆The warning sign type traffic sign is a sign that warns the vehicle and the pedestrians to pay attention to the dangerous place. Its color is a yellow bottom + black border + black pattern, and the shape is an equilateral triangle with the top corner upward. The color of this type of sign is very conspicuous, and it is usually set in locations where traffic is more complicated or in suburban areas.

◆The role of the indication sign is to instruct the vehicle and the pedestrian to drive according to the specified direction and location. The color is a blue background and a white pattern, and the shape is divided into a circle, a rectangle and a square. Indicators are very common on the roads. They can guide the driver in the right direction and lane to avoid violations.

◆The ban sign is a traffic sign that prohibits or restricts vehicles. Except for individual signs, most of them are white + red circle + pattern pressing red bars + black patterns. The ban sign is often combined with an electronic camera. When drivers see such a sign, they do not want to make a fortune. They can only follow the signs.