what are traffic cones used for

- Sep 08, 2018-

Traffic cones, also known as cone road signs, cones, red hats, and obelisks, are a road traffic isolation warning facility.

Typical traffic cones are cone-shaped or cylindrical road signs with fluorescent red, blue, yellow, green and other warning colors. Most of them are made of synthetic resin. To increase the visibility of the driver, the traffic cone will generally Additional reflective strips.

In addition, due to the low durability of thermoplastics, it is possible to oxidize over long periods of time or in cold climates. To solve this problem, traffic cones made of ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymers have begun to be widely used in cold regions. EVA has good stability, good anti-aging and ozone resistance, and no toxicity, so the breakage rate in cold weather is so low. Some traffic cones are made of elastic materials, which are not easily damaged even if they are pressed, and can automatically return to their original state.

Traffic cones are widely used in highways, intersection lanes, road construction sites, dangerous areas, stadiums, parking lots, hotels, residential areas, etc., which are essential traffic safety for traffic control, municipal administration, road administration, urban construction, troops, shops, institutions, etc. facility