what are traffic cones

- Sep 01, 2018-

Traffic cones, also known as conical traffic road signs, road markings, ice cream cones (known in Hong Kong), commonly known as road cones, triangular cones, generally conical or cylindrical temporary road markings, generally used for engineering, reminders when an accident occurs Use passers-by to ensure the personal safety of engineers and road users, or to separate or confluence traffic diversion, pedestrian flow and vehicle group. In other cases, however, daily traffic separation/convergence will use a less permanent “permanent” road sign/sign.

The earliest traffic cones date back to the concrete traffic cones manufactured by Charles P. Rudebaker in 1914. From modern times, the traffic cones were made of thermoplastic plastic or rubber with a bright warning color for road users to observe at a distance. The recycled polyvinyl chloride can also be used to make traffic cones. In addition to the traffic cone, the safety island light can provide similar functions.