Traffic road sign pole installation process

- Nov 09, 2018-

The installation process of the traffic road sign post is as follows:

1. After arriving at the scene, fully utilize the safety facilities such as signs and roads to manage pedestrians and traffic and strictly follow the operating rules to ensure the safety of passers-by and operators, prevent accidents and ensure construction safety;

In strict accordance with the requirements of the construction drawings and determine the setting position of the signs according to the direction of travel of the traffic flow;

2. After the basic position is measured, the foundation excavation is carried out at the designated location according to the size specified in the design drawing, and the vertical formwork, the reinforced bar, the poured concrete, the anchor bolt and the base flange are correctly positioned and reach the specified elevation after being processed according to the regulations. ;

3. The erection of the sign support structure shall be carried out after the strength of the foundation concrete meets the requirements and is approved by the supervision engineer. The flange of the pillar and the base flange of the concrete foundation shall be horizontal and close, and the anchor bolts shall be properly matched. After tightening the bolts, the pillars shall not be inclined;

4. Fix the sign board to the pillar by connecting bolts such as sliding bolts and hoops; the distance between the inner edge of the signboard of the pillar sign and the edge of the shoulder should be 20cm, and the height of the lower edge of the single-column sign should be 250cm. Cantilever installation clearance must be 5.2m away from the road surface;

5. After installing the sign board, check and adjust the verticality and height of the sign board to meet the specified requirements;

6. The sign layout of the cantilevered sign should be perpendicular to the centerline of the road. When the roadside column sign is installed, the sign layout should be as perpendicular or at an angle to the centerline of the road: the guiding and warning signs are 0-10 degrees, the ban and The indicator is 0 to 45 degrees, and the line of sight induction is 80 to 90 degrees.