The big effect of small sign (nameplate)

- Jan 08, 2018-

In our life, a small logo is like a silent guide, guiding us in the direction we are going, and showing the object we are looking for. May be the company, the unit, the Department, may also be the position, name, orientation, etc., a small sign to fully play their own "big" role.

For example, in some foreign administrative agencies, or building office buildings, with a guide to identify the system, can provide visitors with the relevant information to guide the direction. Visitors can directly find the department to go, neither disturb others, and will not be affected by other people's inquiries work, maintain a good working order. For the administrative organ, not only maintain a good working order, there is a manifestation of the enthusiasm for the people, close to the masses, convenient to visit, strengthen the interpersonal relationship.

Job interview People will encounter this situation: to the unit candidates, walked in, saw the office door closed, dare not knock on the door to ask, happened to encounter a open someone out, carefully asked: "Hello!" The other person's head is not back, return a sentence: "Front". Then we feel embarrassed. If there is a logo in front of the office, it is easy to find the department, these unnecessary predicament and trouble can be solved or exempted.

Today, business management is becoming more and more perfect. In some commercial offices, we often see in the lobby of a number of companies on the floor list, and on each floor with the floor of the company, the Department's distribution logo. Visitors can get a glance at the department they are looking for and feel happy. The setting of this kind of sign, not only for others also provide for their convenience, but also in the intangible for the enterprise to establish a good image. It can be said that this is an intangible wealth.

In addition to these indoor signs, the important role of outdoor signage can not be ignored. The development of signs is the product of social demand. Reform and opening up, rapid economic development, construction, tourism booming, living environment, work environment, entertainment and leisure environment is particularly improved, the various industries pay special attention to their own propaganda and image promotion, do enough "face", all this brought signs of vigorous development.

At the same time, the development of signs and scientific and technical level of continuous improvement is inseparable. Carving machine, engraving machine, print machine, inkjet machine, screen printing machine, etching machine and so on in the signs industry, continuous development of applications, continuous technological innovation, the production of signs regardless of the precise degree, or the production speed is greatly improved.