Technical standard for traffic signs

- Jan 08, 2018-

Traffic signs used in color, shape, graphic symbols should conform to the current "road traffic signs and markings" (GB5768) provisions.

Arrow Rules

The arrows used on the road sign should reflect the correct driving direction of the vehicle at a certain angle.

(1) The arrow of a door-frame sign or flyover on which an attached sign is used to indicate the use of a lane or a driving destination, the arrow shall be downward and point to the centerline of the lane; to indicate the direction of the exit, the arrow should tilt upwards and the tilt angle should reflect the alignment of the exit

(2) Road side installation of the indicator, indicating the straight direction of the arrow should point to the top, indicating the direction of the arrow should be in line with the steering lane alignment. When you have three arrows up and to the left and right, the arrow pointing to the right should be positioned at the far right, pointing up and left arrows to the left.

(3) The arrow can be placed below the main sign text, or the appropriate part of the text side.

Written provisions

Road signs should be used in Chinese characters, according to the needs of other text and use. When the sign uses the Chinese and English two kinds of words, the place name applies Hanyu Pinyin, the special noun applies english. Due to the limitations of the layout specification, some English can be abbreviated.