Road traffic sign classification

- Feb 09, 2019-

There are many types of traffic signs, which can be divided into: main signs and auxiliary signs; movable signs and fixed signs; lighting signs, illuminating signs and reflective signs; and variable information signs reflecting changes in the driving environment.

The traffic signs stipulated in "Road Traffic Signs and Markings" are divided into seven categories:

(1) Warning sign: A warning sign that vehicles and pedestrians are aware of dangerous locations.

(2) Ban sign: A sign prohibiting or restricting traffic behavior of vehicles and pedestrians.

(3) Indication sign: A sign indicating the travel of vehicles and pedestrians.

(4) Directional signs: signs that convey the direction, location, and distance of the road.

(5) Tourist area sign: Provide the indication of the direction and distance of the tourist attraction.

(6) Road construction safety signs: signs indicating the passage of road construction areas.

(7) Auxiliary mark: A mark attached to the main sign to assist the use.

The prescribed road traffic markings are divided into three categories:

(1) Indicating marking: A marking indicating the direction of the roadway, driving direction, road edge, sidewalk, etc.

(2) Prohibition of marking: It indicates special rules such as compliance, prohibition and restriction of road traffic, and the markings that the driver and pedestrian of the vehicle need to strictly abide by.

(3) Warning marking: to encourage vehicle drivers and pedestrians to understand the special conditions on the road, to improve their alertness, and to prepare for the marking of contingency measures.