Principles of traffic sign setting

- Jan 08, 2018-

1, The road traffic signs of the setting, should be unfamiliar

The road users of the surrounding road network system are the design objects, considering the factors such as the surrounding road network and highway conditions, traffic conditions, meteorological and environmental conditions, making reasonable setting standards, according to the function of various traffic signs and the behavior characteristics of drivers.

2, on the two level and above grade of highways and other grades of the country, provincial highway should be given priority to the road signs, other highways or not set the relevant road signs of the road, after the argument can set the necessary warning signs. The prohibition sign should be set up in the vicinity of the traffic laws and regulations where the action takes place, and should avoid the interaction with other traffic signs. The speed limit sign should be set according to the traffic capacity of different sections, the proportion of models and the running speed of vehicles.

3. When choosing the destination information of the road sign, the network density, highway grade, highway function and destination popularity should be considered. Different kinds of traffic sign information should be echoed, no information interruption.

4, traffic signs along the highway longitudinal, horizontal settings should conform to the current "road traffic signs and markings" (GB5768) provisions. The traffic signs located in the safe Net zone of Expressway and Highway are supposed to be protected according to the sign structure specification, which is located in the safety net area of other highway road side, the necessary inducement should be carried out.

5. No part of road traffic signs shall intrude within the limits of road construction, the installation height of road side column traffic sign should consider its plate surface specification, its position's linear characteristic and terrain characteristic, whether there are pedestrian passes and so on, cantilever, gantry type and so on hanging sign clearance height should reserve a 50cm allowance than highway clearance.

6. When the traffic sign is installed, the normal line of the marking plate should be parallel to or into a certain angle with the highway centerline. Road side installation of the ban logo and indicator for 0° 145 °, indicating road signs and warning signs for 0° 110 °. When the cantilever, the door frame or the attached hanging sign is installed, the installation angle of the sign should be 110 ° from the vertical or forward direction of the road centerline.