Manufacture of high-light aluminum plate

- Jan 08, 2018-

(1) Characteristics

Effect and color diversity

(2) process

Aluminum Sheet Drawing

Actually is a kind of repair craft, also can have the esthetic function. According to the effect can be divided into straight lines, chaos, Ripple, spiral lines and so on. And generally is first brushed and then electroplating. Straight-line drawing refers to the surface of the aluminum plate by mechanical rubbing method to process the straight lines. Continuous straight lines can be obtained by using a scouring pad or stainless steel brush for continuous horizontal linear friction on the surface of the aluminum plate. Changing the diameter of the stainless steel wire can obtain different thickness of the grain. In the high-speed operation of the copper wire brush, so that the aluminum plate before and after the movement of friction to obtain an irregular, no obvious lines of Matt Silk. This process requires a higher surface for aluminum or aluminum alloy plates. Ripple generally in the brush machine or friction machine on the system.

Using the axial movement of the above group grinding rollers, the brush is brushed on the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate, and the wave texture is obtained. Spin is also known as the rotation of light, is the use of cylindrical felt or stone nylon wheel mounted on the drilling machine, with kerosene and polishing ointment, aluminum or aluminum alloy plate on the surface of the rotary polishing to obtain a silk pattern. It is used for the decorative processing of round signs and small decorative dials. The thread is a small motor with a circular felt on the shaft, it is fixed on the desktop, and the edge of the table to 60 degrees of the role of the angle, another to be equipped with a fixed aluminum plate, the drag plate affixed with a straight edge of the polyester film to limit the thread progress. Using the spinning of the felt and the linear motion of the drag plate, the thread of the same width is brushed on the surface of the aluminum plate.