Making method of aluminum plate plate of aluminum brand nameplate

- Jan 08, 2018-

Production method:

I. Determine the specification. According to customer requirements to determine the specifications of the puzzle design drawings, check out the film after completion.

Second, the sun stretch. After the film out, first put the stretch of the sun!

Third, the cutting aluminum plate. Cut the aluminum plate according to the film specification.

Four, clean the aluminum card. With a clean gauze dipped in xylene or gasoline wipe two times, to remove the surface of the aluminum sheet oil. When using xylene or gasoline, no open fire, no smoking, wipe with washing powder water, you should use dry gauze to wipe dry moisture.

V. Screen printing. Print the contents of the already clean aluminum sheet.

Six, paint. Bake in the oven before printing.

Seven, Gaiguang. Avoid corrosion on the back and cover with transparent paint.

Corrosion. Corrosion of the dried aluminum plate.

Nine, paint. Clean the corroded aluminum sheet and wash it off.

Ten, scraping board. Do not paint after the corrosion of the place to clear, and then clean.

Xi. piercing. To the customer's request to wash away the place.

12. Tailoring. The aluminum sheet is cut into the customer's requirements can be completed.