How traffic signs are made

- Sep 01, 2018-

1. Unloading. According to the requirements of the drawings, the column, the plate and the column are made of national standard steel pipe, and the welding is not enough for the design length, and the aluminum plate is cut.

2. Stick the base film. According to the design and specification requirements, the base film is pasted on the cut aluminum plate. The warning sign is yellow, the ban mark is white, the indicator is white, and the way sign is blue.

3. Lettering. The characters are engraved by a professional computer through a computer.

4. Stickers. On the aluminum plate with the base film attached, the words carved out with the reflective film are attached to the aluminum plate according to the design requirements. The label is required to be regular, the surface is neat, and there must be no air bubbles or wrinkles.

5. Inspection. The logo layout of the already-labeled text is compared with the drawings, and the requirements and drawings are completely taken care of.

6. For small signs, the layout can be connected to the column at the manufacturer. For large signage, the panel can be secured to the post during installation for easy transport and installation.