How is the aluminum alloy sign made?

- Jan 08, 2018-

Aluminum alloy signs are common in our daily life to indicate road, direction signs, warning signs of an alloy products. Because aluminum has excellent performance, light quality, abundant resources and so on, so aluminum alloy signage is the most common type of signage. Aluminum alloy Signs in the construction, decoration, construction and other aspects have a wide range of applications, such as road construction licensing, building staircase licensing, security warning signs can see its figure.

Aluminum alloy signs of the common Alloy 1 series, such as 1060, 1100 aluminum alloy, the state of H18, the common width of 1220mm, thickness of 0.10-0.5mm, length is 2440mm. 1-Series alloy is the main material to make aluminum alloy signs, then, 1-series alloy after how the processing process, only to become our daily production of all kinds of signs?

In general, aluminum alloy to be stamped, cut, concave and die casting and other technological stages, to create different colors and content of the effect. The first step, the machine added molding, the use of machine-shaped after the spray painting, to make a number of product dimensions uniform specifications; The second step, in order to make the surface of the aluminum plate on the printing coating has a certain affinity, to remove the surface of the sheet oil, the general use of soft sawdust removed or organic solvents with the oil; the third step, the surface of the plate scratches, Should first scrape a layer of putty to make it smooth, then according to customer requirements to choose the polishing method; IV, spray primer and paint, spray paint is generally based on customer demand spray corresponding color, but in spraying, drying temperature and time have strict control; the last step is screen printing, complete graphics and text and edge of the design and production. After these procedures, the production of aluminum alloy signs even the basic completion.

Aluminum alloy signs not only have the role of identification, guidance, the role of aluminum alloy also makes the aluminum plate with night reflective and luminous hint function, for our life has brought great convenience.