How can traffic signs help prevent accidents

- Apr 21, 2018-

By using traffic regulations as the basis of the slogan, the information and graphic symbols transmitted on the placards are all conditions for the driver to drive, so that traffic-related laws and regulations can be presented to people in a correct and specific manner, so that people can use traffic signs. The slogans on the card are responsible for their own actions. At the same time, they also visually show the content that is difficult to mark with words. These have also been displayed. We can understand the relevant traffic rules more intuitively, and thus constrain ourselves.

Road traffic signs are generally composed of signboards, signage, columns, fasteners, and foundations.

Signs material processing briefly:

1. The material adopts high-quality aluminum alloy plate, engineering grade or high-strength grade reflective film, and has good reflective effect at night.

2, according to the national standard size, aluminum plate and reflective film cutting (square, round).

3. Wash the aluminum plate and polish the aluminum plate with a white cloth to make the surface of the aluminum plate rough, wash it with water and dry it.

4. Use a hydraulic press to attach the reflective film to the cleaned aluminum plate.

5, computer typesetting patterns and text, and computer engraving machine directly in the reflective film on the map and text.

6. The sculpted pattern and silk screened pattern are formed by squeegee pressing on the aluminum plate of the bottom film.

The traffic signs are installed in the import and export, as well as in the parking lot and on the appropriate roads to guide the vehicle to run properly. The traffic signs include prohibition signs, indication signs and other signs.