Development history of Aluminum signage

- Jan 08, 2018-

In recent years, with the improvement of comprehensive supporting conditions, the cost of the product has tended to be normal. Some developed areas of enterprises, institutions, administrative organs have replaced or reload into more scientific and beautiful aluminum plate. Although its cost is slightly higher than the identification of ordinary materials signs, but its comprehensive value-added far more than the general material identification signs. For example, now commonly used arc signs, plane signs, special-shaped signs, such as aluminum identification signs, aluminum identification signs are identified signs products in the product of high damage resistance, light weight, load-bearing and other characteristics, and formed after hundreds of kinds of aluminum plate materials, can be a magical combination of the ever-changing style. According to the application of the environment, location, role and other factors can be combined into a more ideal identification signs. In addition, the surface color plasticity is strong, through the car-grade paint screen printing process to make the color change arbitrary, the appearance of colorful graphics and text, the surface of the paint screen strong anti-corrosion. At the same time, the original profile can also be organically combined with the existing materials, such as acrylic, light box film, PVC, steel and led electronic lighting and many other materials combined to produce a wide range of identification signs, so that its products themselves and ordinary single material identification plate compared to more satisfied with the use of continuous improvement of customer requirements.